Fun Toddler Activity: Practicing In & Out

One of the aims of play for children in early childhood is to help develop their ability to focus on a task and to improve their dexterity. Montessori guides are replete with activities geared toward this purpose. I was reminded of this by Jessica over at Our Montessori Home. She started 12 Montessori Days of Christmas to share ideas to incorporate some “schooling” throughout the holidays.

I created this simple, “in & out” activity for A.J. I used a tin can and covered it with scrapbook paper, cut a hole in the lid, and cut up some straws. After a brief demonstration (A.J. cut me short), he eagerly took over and I moved out of his way. A.J. stayed focused so long that I had time to snap some photos of him playing and clean the kitchen, too. Booo Yah!

The best part is that he began to think of other things to put inside the can. He shook the can and at one point even turned it into a drum. I enjoyed watching his little mind work.

He figured out the best way for him to remove the lid.

What fun toddler activities can you share?

Pray, Persist and Prosper!


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