DIY No Sew Puppet Theater and More Streamer Fun!

My first DIY puppet theater

A.J. experienced a puppet theater for the first time this week. I created a show based on his favorite stuffed animals, featuring one of the characters in particular. The title of the show is Chip Makes Choices and So Do YOU! Hey, what can I say, it’s never to early to start teaching about decision-making. I performed act one and will complete the rest of the acts this weekend, when I finish writing the script.

I had the idea of creating a puppet theater for a long time, but Deborah Stewart of Teach Preschool made it look easy, inexpensive and doable. Pictures of her puppet theatre made from tri-fold poster board was the inspiration I needed to move to action. Thanks Deborah!!

In order to make my stick puppets I took pictures of A.J.’s stuffed animals, laminated them and cut them out. I placed each photo on large colored popsicle sticks and voilà!

Starring: Fievel, "Nesi" The Dragon, Polar Bear, Chip and Cookie

I cut an old panel curtain to make the curtains for the theater. There was no sewing involved, only staples and duck tape! I used the art supplies I had on hand to decorate and have since thought of other creative ways to enhance the set during performances.

It was important to me that A.J. saw my puppet show first, so he wouldn’t or should I say, I wouldn’t think less of my homemade version once we saw a professional show at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Okay, I know I need to relax!

A.J. on a tour of the Center for Puppetry Arts

Although The New Adventures of the Gingerbread Man was elaborate and entertaining, seeing it didn’t diminish the pride of my first attempt at creating a puppet theatre.

I must admit though, the artistry of the puppets seduced me into purchasing two after the show.

The new kids on the block!

Yesterday, we also had more fun with streamers! This time I taped several on our ceiling fan. I dusted the blades first, which was something I needed to do anyway.

I turned the fan on low and let the streamers gently swirl. I intentionally taped the streamers away from the lights to avoid a fire hazard. I also cut the streamers short enough so A.J. wouldn’t step on them.

A.J. playing in the swirling streamers

Oh, the joy of simplicity!

Do you have links to photos of your homemade puppet theater that you’d like to share? If so, share your links in the comments section.

Pray, Persist & Prosper!


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