3 Simple Ways to Share the Love of Reading with Your Little One

Many kids lose their enthusiasm for reading early in their educational process. A.J. loves to read and I’m going to do my best to keep his fire for knowledge and reading blazing! Here are 3 simple ideas that I’m incorporating to keep his fire burning:

Can you spot the present on the shelf?

1. Wrapping new books – I will attractively wrap any new book that buy for him and place it on his bookshelf as a surprise. This will not only give him an opportunity to practice Wrist Motion, but inspire him to read the new book.

2. Rotate books available to him – I want to keep the books that he has available to him fresh. Displaying the covers of the books instead of the spine only entices A.J. and other little ones to pick up books to read. That’s why having a front facing bookshelf is helpful.

3. Place words of items around the house – Lastly, the more words A.J. knows, the better off he will be when he starts reading more comprehensively. He now enjoys pointing out the items in the house with labels.

What are you doing to keep your little one(s) engaged in the love for reading?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!


3 responses to “3 Simple Ways to Share the Love of Reading with Your Little One

  1. What a wonderful blog you have here! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. My kindergartener is just beginning to read. I keep a crate of books in the car that I rotate each week. I just LOVE to hear her “read” aloud as we drive. Her sister has swim team 3 days a week, so we try to use the “car” time wisely. I love talking to them or listening to the little one read out loud.

    Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I am so happy to have connected. Your adorable little boy is truly blessed!

    • Asia @ Beacon Villages

      Thank you Rachel for stopping by my blog. I’m discovering so many wonderful mom blogger sites and yours is one of them. It’s wonderful to connect and learn from other moms like you. Thank you for being so open and real about your journey!

  2. Thanks for leaving lovely comments on my blog. You have such great ideas to engage kids on hands-on crafts. I did the same on leaving words around the house too but in both English and Chinese. They really help in letting kids remembering the words.

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