Homemade Sporty Fun

A.J. is full of energy and loves to drum. When he isn’t drumming, I try to channel his energy in sporty and other creative ways.

He’s currently enrolled in gymnastics.

His Tee Tee Gee Gee bought him a T-ball set.

His grandparents bought him roller skates and he has a soccer ball that he likes to kick around outside.

He also enjoys bowling inside the house and at a real bowling alley.

Even with all his toddler sports equipment, there is nothing like simple homemade sports fun such as:

walking on his hands with daddy holding his legs

tossing socks in a basket

swatting a balloon to see how long he can keep it in the air

or crab walking.

Incidentally, these are gross motor skill activities that’s helping him in many other ways; from teaching him to wait his turn in gymnastics class to learning to create his own fun with items around the house.

How do you have homemade fun with simple items around your home?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!


One response to “Homemade Sporty Fun

  1. Asia @ Beacon Villages

    Wow Asia,

    It looks like these activities not only engage A.J.; they keep Daddy active as well!

    Fun stuff!

    -Patrick (hubby)

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