DIY Counting Box with Sticks

This is a homemade activity that is easy to make. I tweaked this idea found on Pinterest by adding bottle caps. Your little one can choose one bottle cap at a time then find the numbered stick that corresponds to the number on the cap. Finally, they can place the stick in the corresponding numbered slit. When A.J. places the stick in the slit of the box he is also working on his reasoning and fine finger skills. (That’s a bonus because I didn’t expect putting a stick in the slit would be that difficult. But once he figured it out, he was on a roll.)

Here are a few other activities we did over the past few weeks.

We painted pumpkins






counted pumpkin cut outs






and counted pennies.






We also wrote to a few people on our wellness list found in our church bulletin. It’s a creative and fun way to express care for others.

What homemade counting games excite your little ones?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!


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