Week 1: Kale Salad


Succulent Kale Salad with guacamole, olive oil, Bragg’s liquid aminos, red onion, sliced almonds & cranberries. Simply massage in the ingredients and enjoy! Thanks Anana for this delicious recipe! I give this dish two thumbs up!

At the top of my to do list (over time) is to improve my eating habits by including more living/raw foods into my diet. I’m not interested in being 100% raw at this time, but I do want to increase my energy and overall wellbeing. I’ve been on and off this journey for a while. This time I’m taking a new approach.

My goal for 2013 is to find 10 living dishes that I will happily prepare because they taste great.  If the food isn’t delicious this habit will not stick for me. I started this adventure last week. Why wait another month? So each week I’m committed to preparing a new living dish. I will write about my journey and give either a thumbs up or thumbs down on that dish for the week. Sometimes however, I may try the same recipe a different way.

This week I’m making a cucumber side dish. Check back for an update!

What’s your favorite living food dish?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



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