Happy Valentines Day! How to Make Your Own Envelopes

envelopes2Happy Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day we made our own cards and even our envelopes! In this post, I will show you how to make envelopes yourself.

But first, here is an example of our Valentine’s cards. Since the card has only a back and front, I used a second card to show how A.J. personalized it on the back. He also helped with the gluing and heart.


A.J. gave away these loopy straws to a few of his friends. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was so cute. We made it all with scrapbook paper and little clear party bags.

Now on to how to make an envelope.
envelopexample3Start with an envelope shape that you like from one that you already have. Next, open the envelope to reveal the shape. Then, trace the shape of the envelope on card stock paper and cut it out. This will be your template.


Trace the template on your paper of choice. I like to trace on the back instead of the front. Next, cut the paper and fold into the shape of the envelope.


100_2569 100_2570

Lastly, glue the appropriate sides closed. That’s it!

What Valentine craft did you make with your little one?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



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