Happy B-day To Me

Today is my birthday. To celebrate, I went to a beautiful spa yesterday with my good friend Ysanne. We had such a blast that we wanted to barricade ourselves inside!!

I’m looking forward to eating my red velvet cupcakes (without the red dye) and  Blue Belle ice-cream later today to continue the celebration. For now, I have to tend to a sleepy 2.5  year-old who’s acting, well…two.

Peace, Persist & Prosper!



4 responses to “Happy B-day To Me

  1. Good Morning Asia, I was just in the process of sending out a Happy Birthday Shout Out to you telling everybody that today is your birthday- I’m slow because I now have to update emails on yahoo. But anywho!, it sounds like you are enjoying your Birthday – continue on – be blessed. V.E.C. Greetings!


    • Asia @ Beacon Villages

      Thank you Aunt Vickey! It is so thoughtful of you to send shout-outs for every one’s birthday. It certainly is a helpful reminder for me. Keep it up!!

  2. Hello Asia, Happy B-day with the hope for mannnnnnyyyy more!

    Agnes Thomas agnes925@aol.com

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