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Make Your Own Scratch & Sniff Paint

This is the final post about activities we did in March. Our last craft was creating scratch & sniff paint.
Scratch&Sniff Paint
Here are the directions:

Mix flavored gelatin as directed using very little water. There are many flavors available. We chose strawberry. You don’t want the paint too watery, but instead, stiff and grainy so add very little water.

The first time we made the paint, we used too much water and accidentally ended up making jello, which we threw away because we don’t eat this “frankinfood.”  As you can see from the above picture where A.J. is hunched over the bowl smelling the liquid, we used too much water. The mixture in the the last photo above is a better texture. Simply use the mixture as paint.

From our experience, the dried paint gets really hard which makes scratching the paint very difficult. However the aroma of the “paint” while making it and painting actually smells great!

Scratch&Sniff2Venturing to the library on Wednesdays are a lot fun for us all. Going consistently is a great way to meet new kids and their caregivers. We had an especially good time a few weeks ago when A.J.s friend Yasmine celebrated her second birthday. Her grandmother brought mini cupcakes, goody bags with treats. We also had an Easter Egg Hunt that day, so the day was full of surprises. Instead of hunting for eggs, A.J. was more interested in eating the cup cakes sitting on the tables.

I helped organize an Easter Egg Hunt for our subdivision that turned out really nicely, except I left my phone and digital camera at home. So no pictures. A.J. didn’t have a nap that day and you can guess what happened outside in front of all the neighbors right after I finished praying a grandiose prayer talking about how we want our kids to know that we love them and how they should obey their parents…yada yada yada…and my child starts rolling around the grass screaming because he is now sleepy.

After I dragged and carried him home, he settled down and returned to the egg hunt with his dad like nothing ever happened.

Yasmine's 2nd B-day PartyDo you have any fun paint recipes to share?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



Cirque Zuma Zuma

CirquezumazumaI’m still writing posts about some of our adventures in March and attending Cirque Zuma Zuma in Carrollton, GA was certainly a highlight. Cirque Zuma Zuma is the African version of Cirque du Soleil. The entertainers were doing all sorts of crazy feats like climbing a pole upside down, juggling tables with their feet, contorting their bodies, climbing unstable chairs stacked at unbelievable heights and more.

We decided to stay overnight so that we could relax. We took a dip in the warm pool. If I thought  the water was warm, then it was warm. Despite the warm water, A.J. was hesitant to practice his swimming skills that he learned during his Infant Survival Resource (ISR) swim training.  He definitely needs a refresher update. (I just asked A.J. if he wanted to swim again with Ms. Helen, his instructor…he shook his head no, waved his finger and said “no wawa with Ms. Helen!” Oh boy…)

Amira seemed very comfortable in the water. I think she will do very well in the ISR swimming. Hopefully we can get her lessons soon. Perhaps her swimming will inspire A.J.PicMonkey CollageWould you or anyone you know be interested in posting about a fun activity that you do with your little one(s)? If so, shoot me an e-mail at

Pray, Persist, and Prosper!



In Bouncy Bliss

LeapinlizardsLast week A.J. and his buddy ManMan enjoyed a leapin’ good time at Leapin’ Lizards. They bounced and jumped around which of course made nap time seamless. Bouncy houses are great for gross motor skills development, too!

Amira giggled and cooed as she excitedly watched the kids bounce. These are pictures of her before we left the house. Isn’t she a cutie!!AmiraleapinlizardsHow did your little one(s) burn off some energy this week?


Noah’s Ark Adventure

Last week we ventured to Noah’s Ark, an animal sanctuary that’s home to over 1,000 animals. Our double stroller came in handy as I strolled A.J. and Amira around the sprawling park. A.J. got out when he wanted so that he could see the animals up close.

This was our second visit and Amira’s first. I was with my good friend Harolyn and her family the first time we went. I didn’t know about this sanctuary until she told me about it.

On this visit, we were able to see all types of birds, peacocks, emus, bison, tigers, bears, ducks, turtles, and snakes. We had such a good time. I look forward to our next visit. Next time, we will go earlier in the morning so that we can eat lunch at the picnic tables.Noahsark Noahsark2They even had a nice play area!
Noahsark3Where did you go for your latest adventure?