About Beacon Villages

I’m a newbie to Montessori education and am voraciously learning as I go so that I can be the best Mommy-teacher that I can be! Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy resonated with my husband and me on such a deep level that we decided to use Montessori inspired play and learning activities with our two children.

I’m fascinated with the number seven. It is a number that represents order and completion in the universe. I’m also fascinated with the word, “beacon.” My quest for spiritual understanding and wisdom attracted me to words synonymous to light. One of the definitions of beacon means guiding light.

My aim through my Montessori home play center and play & grow classes,  is to nurture the inner light of children so that they can effectively and intentional lead themselves and live purposeful lives. There are two little beacons in my care. My son A.J. was born August 13, 2010 and my daughter Amira on September 15, 2012.

I hope that my journey will inspire other Montessori inspired Mamas out there, particularly Mocha Montessori inspired Moms.

largebookBefore I share my reasons for starting this blog, I want to tell you about my first baby, my book, “7 Secrets Every Woman Should Know: How to Create a Joy-Filled Life.” The book has ancient wisdom for our modern times. It will illuminate and magnify your joy within through seven clearly defined principles. You can learn more by visiting  www.7secretsforwomen.com or Amazon.

In addition to selling my book and conducting workshops, I teach classes in nonprofit management. My Dear Husband (DH) watches A.J. and Amira when I’m teaching. He is a professor and has a fairly flexible schedule which works well for our family.

Now that you know a little about me, here are my reasons for starting this blog and how you can benefit from frequent visits. There happens to be seven reasons.This was not intentional. I promise.

1. My son and daughter are growing up before my eyes and I want to document their progression to preserve as many precious memories that I can.

2. We live in Atlanta and our extended family is concentrated mainly in Wisconsin, California, and Texas. We also have friends around the country who are interested in keeping up with A.J. and Amira’s adventures.

3. This blog is a great tool to connect with other home schooling Montessori moms to share ideas and information.

4. My experience may help other Montessori inspired newbies navigate through the process of putting the Montessori philosophy into action at home.

5. As an African-American Montessori home schooling mom, I know there may be unique challenges and opportunities. Sharing from this perspective may help other moms like me.

6. I want to improve my writing skills. This blog is a great place to practice!

7. I plan to create free and reasonably priced unique learning materials for my children. These materials can serve as inspiration for other moms or be bought to save them time and money.

So there you have it. Happy reading! Pray, Persist and Prosper!


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  1. I’m in Atlanta, too!

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