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In Bouncy Bliss

LeapinlizardsLast week A.J. and his buddy ManMan enjoyed a leapin’ good time at Leapin’ Lizards. They bounced and jumped around which of course made nap time seamless. Bouncy houses are great for gross motor skills development, too!

Amira giggled and cooed as she excitedly watched the kids bounce. These are pictures of her before we left the house. Isn’t she a cutie!!AmiraleapinlizardsHow did your little one(s) burn off some energy this week?



Fine Finger Play the Montessori Way

My sister recently visited. As usual, we had a  blast! I love it when she comes. She is full of jokes and laughs which are key ingredients in FUN!

A highlight of her visit was our trip to the pumpkin patch at Yule Forest. Although A.J. was a little  standoffish when it came to the animals, he enjoyed the hay ride and the “idea” of the animals. I could tell by his repeating the word hayride along with making sounds of the different animals he saw.

After my sister’s visit, we painted our pumpkins and resumed activities to enhance A.J.’s fine motor skills. 

We focused on the three-finger (pincer) grasp and added an activity to strengthen his circular wrist motion.  

Here is what we did.

Three-finger (pincer) grasp activities included: Stringing beads, using a ladle for scooping the beans and placing Cheerios around spaghetti sticks.

I love his concentration!

Hey Mom! Look at what I did!

He used a ladle to scoop and transfer the beans using the three finger pincer grasp and also did this activity using his whole hand to transfer the beans.

I was totally impressed by this feat! But even more so by his determination to keep trying until he succeeded!

By the time we did the cheerios activity, I must admit that I was a bit tired. My patience was becoming short and I really wanted to stop after a few tries. A.J. however was determined to keep going until he placed all 10 cheerios on the thin, easily breakable, spaghetti stick. Despite my urging to try again later or perhaps tomorrow, he pushed through. I was so proud of him! More importantly, he was super proud of himself!

Circular wrist motion – Using a wisk

Whisking yolks for scrambled eggs

Amira has been observing our activities, too!

What other fun fine motor skill development activities have you done?

Pray, Persist & Prosper,

Music as Brain Food for Tots

Kindermusik classes in South West Atlanta are starting soon! You can check out the instructor’s, Ms. Wendy’s web site at She is a retired music teacher of 31 years and would be glad to have you and your little one in her class. A.J. and I will be participating again. We hope to see you and your little one, too!

A.J.'s first Kindermusik class participants

In Kindermusik class

I made some matching instrument cards for A.J. found here.

We played a few times so that he could get the hang of it.

My Sister bought A.J. a keyboard for Christmas. He likes to play it, especially when I have to put his drum away because he threw it on the floor out of frustration! (I must say that he has stopped doing this over the past week!)

A.J. playing his keyboard

Last weekend my husband and I took A.J. to see the performance “Blast.” It is a drum, dance, musical ensemble that is EXTRAORDINARY! I had never seen a performance like this before. The musicianship was incredible and the drummers inspired A.J., too! I found this YouTube clip of one of the numbers called Drum Battle. It’s off the chain on video, but even more so, live.

A.J. with his Dad and two of the "Blast" percussionist.

This Saturday we attended the Honda Battle of the Bands. Although Florida A&M  University was not in attendance, the schools that represented, showed up and out!

Finally, the Library of Congress has wonderful Podcasts on Music and the brain. Check  out these podcasts,  here.

How do you share music with your little one?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!

A.J.’s First College Graduation Ceremony

A.J. and I sat in the front row during the graduation ceremony at my husband’s university. He teaches in the Department of Mass Communications and participated in Fall graduation. A.J. was so excited to see his dad walk down the aisle that he nearly jumped off of my lap when he saw him.

It was a cold fall day and A.J. had just waken up from a cozy nap. I hope the pomp and circumstance of graduation is imprinted into his memory.

Pray, Persist & Prosper!


A.J.’s First Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Together at Pettit Creek Farms

It was a gorgeous fall afternoon to visit Pettit Creek Farms. They house exotic animals such as zebras, camels and lamas. They also have goats and lambs that you can feed, a corn maze and pony and camel rides. They even had a bounce house for kids.

A.J. was a bit apprehensive at first. He had only seen such animals in his books. To see them and have an opportunity to touch or ride them was a whole different story. Toward the end of our visit, he felt a lot more comfortable and seemed to get a second wind; so much so that he wanted to run unencumbered. By that time however, we were in the parking lot preparing to leave. Oh well, I’m sure he will enjoy it better as he gets a little older.

(Once again, I don’t have many photos. This time, I can’t locate my digital camera. Urghhhhhhh! Luckily I uploaded two photos to Facebook that I’m able to use.)

A.J. meticulously selecting his pumpkin

Pray, Persist and Prosper!