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Prayers for our Children

prayersforourchildren2February is the month of love and when the rest of society celebrates Black History. I added learning opposites for February and will also celebrate my B-day this month, so you will read posts about the February happenings surrounding Valentines Day, Black History, opposites and my birthday this month.

I began the month by decorating A.J.’s door with hearts. I saw this idea on Pinterest and added my unique twist. Instead of writing phrases like, “You’re awesome!” or “You’re cool!” I decided to write prayers for our children. Each day I walk into A.J.s room I remove a heart from the door and pray the prayer written on the heart over him.

Although the prayers are from Bible scriptures, I translated them into more simple language. I wrote the verse at the bottom of each heart so that I could remember where the prayer originated.

I plan to keep all of prayers and place them in an album so that we can refer to them time and time again. I do think I should take the hearts down and laminate them. A.J. likes to choose which heart we will read in the morning and he is a bit rough on the construction paper when pulling the heart off of the door. Laminating them will make them more durable.

What prayers have you prayed over your children lately?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



Happy Birthday Dr. King!

Kingholida_collage_2469815IMG_2047We celebrated Dr. King’s birthday by coloring and decorating the mantel with a birthday streamer. Early on the holiday we attended a 5k race at Piedmont Park. Although we didn’t run or walk, we listened to various high school drum ensembles perform. After they finished playing, A.J. took out his drum and had his own drum session. Next year we will arrive earlier so that he can play along the route to encourage the runners like the other drum troops. Perhaps Amira and I will walk/stroll in the race.


I scoured Pinterest and found 10 tot friendly ways to celebrate Dr. King’s Birthday. Some of these are sites with downloadble printables others are from other bloggers who share how they spent the King holiday. This is a great post to revisit next year. But then again, you can teach about Dr. King’s legacy anytime, not just around his birthday!

1. 11 Easy Crafts and Printables for Martin Luther King Day from blog No Twiddle Twaddle

2. Montessori Inspiration for Martin Luther King Day from blog Living Montessori NOW

3. Martin Luther King Jr. Resources and Freebies from blog One Less Headache

4. Books about Dr. King from blog All Done Monkey – Guest Post by Sprout’s Bookshelf

5. Black History Month Printables from

6. A Primary Unit All About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from a Teacher’s Notebook ($2.95)

7. Honoring Dr. King’s Words and Art Based Lesson from blog Wonderteacher

8. Create a Mini-book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from TeacherVision

9. Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Free resources from Laura Candler to go with the free BrainPOP video about Dr. King

10. Children’s activities for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day from blog Kid Activities

How did you spend Dr. King’s holiday?

Pray, Persist and Prosper!


Fine Finger Play the Montessori Way

My sister recently visited. As usual, we had a  blast! I love it when she comes. She is full of jokes and laughs which are key ingredients in FUN!

A highlight of her visit was our trip to the pumpkin patch at Yule Forest. Although A.J. was a little  standoffish when it came to the animals, he enjoyed the hay ride and the “idea” of the animals. I could tell by his repeating the word hayride along with making sounds of the different animals he saw.

After my sister’s visit, we painted our pumpkins and resumed activities to enhance A.J.’s fine motor skills. 

We focused on the three-finger (pincer) grasp and added an activity to strengthen his circular wrist motion.  

Here is what we did.

Three-finger (pincer) grasp activities included: Stringing beads, using a ladle for scooping the beans and placing Cheerios around spaghetti sticks.

I love his concentration!

Hey Mom! Look at what I did!

He used a ladle to scoop and transfer the beans using the three finger pincer grasp and also did this activity using his whole hand to transfer the beans.

I was totally impressed by this feat! But even more so by his determination to keep trying until he succeeded!

By the time we did the cheerios activity, I must admit that I was a bit tired. My patience was becoming short and I really wanted to stop after a few tries. A.J. however was determined to keep going until he placed all 10 cheerios on the thin, easily breakable, spaghetti stick. Despite my urging to try again later or perhaps tomorrow, he pushed through. I was so proud of him! More importantly, he was super proud of himself!

Circular wrist motion – Using a wisk

Whisking yolks for scrambled eggs

Amira has been observing our activities, too!

What other fun fine motor skill development activities have you done?

Pray, Persist & Prosper,

Celebrating the Kings & More Streamer Fun!

Every King has a Queen and Coretta Scott King was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Queen. I found some excellent, free printables of Dr.King to color at Family Education. This site has a wide selection of printables for holidays and even for Black History.

Board book about Coretta Scott King

A.J. learning about when Dr. King met Coretta.

Celebrations and streamers go hand and hand. We had more streamer fun today. I took down the “streamer net” and tied it to an extendable curtain rod that I placed in the entryway of our kitchen. I saw this done over at Having Fun at Home and had to try it!

What did your little one(s) do to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!

DIY Bath Paint Equals Water Fun!

Happy New Year Dear Readers!!

It’s been a busy holiday season, but ohhh so fun. Let’s start with DIY bath paint that I learned to make from the blog Having Fun At Home. All you need is a muffin tin, shaving cream and food coloring. I also had a leftover paint brush that A.J. used.

The paint colors were vivid and attractive to play with.


My sister also visited during the holidays. We always have a blast when we are together.

Sherria, JaDawn and me with A.J. Earlier that day we ate at This Is It and finished up some shopping. Sherria was thoughtful to buy A.J. a Mr. Potato Head, too.

We met writer friend Pamela Antoinette at Jeju for some pampering and then met up again the next day to eat at Papadeaux Seafood Restaurant.

Having a blast at Hippo Hop!

A bracelet I made for my Sister.

A.J. was excited about all the special gifts from his Auntie “Gee Gee.”

His grandparents sent us a gift so that we could purchase A.J. a big wheel. We were able to do that and more. We were also able to get him Congo drums and an electric drum machine. That was so sweet of them.

We did attend a couple of Kwanzaa events. We especially liked the all female drum ensemble, Giwayen Mata. A.J. was mesmerized by the drumming. We attended church on New Year’s Day, then Skyped with My sister and parents, which was a perfect way to end the holiday season and to begin the New Year.

Pray, Persist & Prosper!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Normally we are in Milwaukee around this time of year, but this year we decided to stay in Atlanta since we visited Milwaukee in October for my mom’s birthday and my grandmother’s belated birthday celebration.

My cousin Tina and her family invited us over. We were having such a good time that I didn’t take many pictures. We feasted and had an opportunity to play a competitive game of Scattegories. A.J. even entertained us with several drum performances!

Although Tina’s husband and my husband were present, they were in the living room talking men talk. What a grand time we had! By the way, do you like my Thanksgiving sticker at the top of this blog post? I learned how to make it from The Mother Huddle.

Pray, Persist and Prosper!