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March Theme: All About Me

It’s hard to believe that March is already here. But I’m glad it is! Based on what I have planned it should be an exciting month of activities, outings, and play based fun.

A.J. was up to seeing The Adventures of Mighty Bug, yesterday. We had gone the day before yesterday, but to my surprise,  A.J. was afraid and didn’t want to go inside. We ended up going home without seeing the puppet show or even touring the museum. As soon as we drove away from the building he started crying about how he wanted to see the show. That’s when I decided that we’d try again the next day. I’m glad he was able to muster up the courage to go yesterday because the show was fantastic! I heart puppet shows and I know that as a new member, I plan to see every show this year with or without A.J…preferably with. 🙂

Our theme for March is “All About Me.” A.J. will learn more about his six senses (sound, taste, sight, touch, smell and intuition). He will learn more about his family and friends, his address and birth date. We will explore what he likes to do, how to use the phone and measure things around the house and various body parts. 

Here are some of the main books that we are reading this month.


100_2653 100_2645 100_2647

Some books are a hit, others a miss. A.J. has read the Brown Bear, What Do You See book several times. I’ll say that’s a hit!

What’s your theme for the month?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



3 Simple Ways to Share the Love of Reading with Your Little One

Many kids lose their enthusiasm for reading early in their educational process. A.J. loves to read and I’m going to do my best to keep his fire for knowledge and reading blazing! Here are 3 simple ideas that I’m incorporating to keep his fire burning:

Can you spot the present on the shelf?

1. Wrapping new books – I will attractively wrap any new book that buy for him and place it on his bookshelf as a surprise. This will not only give him an opportunity to practice Wrist Motion, but inspire him to read the new book.

2. Rotate books available to him – I want to keep the books that he has available to him fresh. Displaying the covers of the books instead of the spine only entices A.J. and other little ones to pick up books to read. That’s why having a front facing bookshelf is helpful.

3. Place words of items around the house – Lastly, the more words A.J. knows, the better off he will be when he starts reading more comprehensively. He now enjoys pointing out the items in the house with labels.

What are you doing to keep your little one(s) engaged in the love for reading?

Pray, Persist & Prosper!