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New Drum and Lessons for A.J. & Family!


I’m so excited to have Baba Bey come to our home to give us drum lessons. The lessons are really for A.J., but we’re learning, too! Due to Patrick’s schedule, he will miss the first two lessons. He’s pretty coordinated when it comes to drumming so he will be able to catch up quickly.

A.J. was able to play on Baba’s drum and on several of his own drums. A.J. was in a little drum heaven.


We bought A.J., a floor drum that he can play with mallets, sticks or his hands. The sound quality is clear and robust yet muffled enough that he can play it when Amira is downstairs.

Speaking of Amira, I was able to take a cute 10 second video of her bowling.

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



My Little Drummer Boy

A. J. took his first drumming lesson today. It took him about 20 minutes to warm up. Once he warmed up to his teacher, Baba, A.J. began to play his  own drum and even danced around.

He will take lessons once a month until he gets a bit older. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the video of the session off of the cam corder, but we do have video from my iPhone of A.J. drumming. Check out this 15 second video and you’ll see why I call him “my little drummer boy.”