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Amira turned 6 months-old!

Yesterday was a beautiful day to turn 6 months-old! It was a sunny 61 degrees outside, birds chirped and the smell of spring was in the air. Congratulations to Amira for being the sweetest most patient daughter I’ve ever had.Amira6months

Since she turned 6 months-old, my DH and I decided to feed her blended oatmeal as her first taste of solid food. She was definitely ready to eat, evidenced by her grabbing the spoon and stuffing it into her mouth. She is increasingly becoming more independent. A.J. is too!

Now, he pours his own rice milk! A.J.independentAsking for milk politely over and over again can get tiresome. I knew I had to step it up and let him take on the empowering task of pouring his own milk. I bought a little glass pitcher that he has used for several months to water plants and practice pouring, but ironically I never put the milk into the pitcher until now. Ooops. He also spreads his own jelly.

He probably can do many more independent tasks if I’d let him or teach him. I have to review some age appropriate tasks he should be performing himself so that I can get back on the ball in this area. I need to revisit practical life activities so that he can continue to make progress in these areas.

A.J. wouldn’t take his nap yesterday afternoon. For those of you who have had the privilege of being around  A.J., when he is sleepy or cranky know that he can reallllllly go into a frenzy. While I was putting him back into bed, demanding that he take his nap, through his tears, he started saying the Prayer of Protection. He knows how to calm me down. Now, that’s smart thinking! But then again, he is accustomed to me saying the prayer before tucking him in bed. Nevertheless, praying was a timely thing to do. At least I’ve taught him that. Now, if I can remember to pray during his meltdowns perhaps I could set a better example of how to act when frustrated.

Please share with me the wonderful things your toddler can do or could do by 2.5 years-old.

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



Practicing Transferring Skills & Puzzles

In the spirit of the Holiday Season I bought A.J. a small selection of Christmas ornaments in the form of presents and small drums, I also included colorful pom poms for sensory awareness and for practicing transferring skills. I introduce a child sized ladle, but he was not quite ready for that so instead he transferred the items with his hands.

Yesterday was special because A.J. turned 16 months-old. Sadly, also on this day my 95 year-old grandmother made her transition. She had a peaceful journey and was surrounded by loving family members. My mother commissioned me to create a photo book about my grandmother’s life. It should arrive in the mail today. Although she didn’t have a chance to see it here, I’m sure she sees it now. Hopefully it turns out as wonderfully as it looked online.

I was pregnant with A.J. at my book signing. My husband, parents and sister and I are pictured with my Grandmother, Luvennia (MaDea) Robertson

After A.j. completed the puzzle, he applauded himself. LOL!

What activities are engaging to your little one?

Stay tuned for next post: The Start of Imaginative Play

Pray, Persist & Prosper!