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3 Fun Letter Activities

SimpleletterrecognitionA.J. is continuing to learn his alphabet by identifying lower case and upper case letters. I printed the capital letter heart printout as well as the lower case letter heart printout from Pre-Kinders.com. There are many ways you can use these printables. I chose to laminate both sheets so I can use them later for Amira. I cut out the lowercase letters and glued them to foam hearts so they would be easier for A.J. to handle.100_2549100_2554

Last month I created a letter board with various shapes and colors. I re-used this board with the lower case hearts to add a different spin on the activity.alphabet shapesThe last activity I want to share was exciting to make. I think I had more fun than A.J. on this one! There’s a product called Instant Snow that when mixed with two ounces of water makes faux snow.100_2607 I turned the snow pink in honor of  Valentine’s Day.

100_2612 100_2615

What creative ways are you using to help your little one learn letters?

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