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Happy Belated Birthday Dad!

November 26th was my Dad’s birthday and I must admit that I just didn’t have it together to make him his special card. Once I make it, I will post it. Better late than never! Here’s the beginning of it.

The caption in A.J.’s bubble reads, “Sorry Grandpa, it was mama’s fault!”

Pray, Persist and Prosper!


Today Was Picture Day!

We took our annual holiday pictures today. I’ll give you a sneak peek, but you’ll have to wait another week to see the rest.

By the way, A.J. now sits on his potty and actually used it once before he took his evening bath. He still has to learn how to pull down his pants, but at least he is a lot more comfortable with the idea.

Pray, Persist and Prosper!

Two Big Tots in Big Lots

A.J. and I took a simple trip to Big Lots, but it became anything but simple. To make a long story short. I gave A.J. my car keys to play with in order to avoid a melt down he was about to have. Normally I get my keys back, but this time I got distracted and forgot. Because he’s now a “Big Tot,” he didn’t want to ride in the cart.

He ran all over the store, with me always near. It was frustrating, but I wanted to respect his growing independence.

As I walked to the car however, I realized that I didn’t have my keys. Neither did A.J. When I asked him about my keys, he shrugged his little shoulders as if to say, “I don’t know where they are.”

While I searched all over the store with A.J. in tow, he cried and thrashed around until I felt compelled to force him into the cart so I could focus on my search. He cried the entire time. I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

The workers were polite enough to help me search. I think it was more for their sanity, than out of the kindness of their hearts. (LOL/just kidding!) The search unfortunately was futile.

Meanwhile, A.J. wanted to nurse and was melting down even further from being in the store so long. I wanted to scream and felt inside like the picture below. I was indeed the other “Big Tot” in Big Lots.

This is a reenactment. Motherhood makes for good comedy!

After two hours of being in the store, I stopped my search, bought some snacks, picked up a few books to read with A.J. and made myself right at home on one of the comfy couches.

I nursed A.J., played with him and had story time, while I waited for my husband who was working an hour away, to bring the spare key. My frustration turned into enjoyable moments with my son as I began to patiently wait. A.J. began to patiently wait with me.

Near the three hour mark, a customer found my keys. They were somewhere near the soap. I must admit, I did feel a twinge of disappointment at having to leave because we had gotten into a reading, nursing, and snacking groove. The timeout had given me an opportunity to relax my mind and adjust my expectations. Needless to say, I was grateful and thankful to have recovered my keys.

Has this ever happened to you? I hope not. (Smile)

Pray, Persist and Prosper! (I needed more of this at Big Lots!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Normally we are in Milwaukee around this time of year, but this year we decided to stay in Atlanta since we visited Milwaukee in October for my mom’s birthday and my grandmother’s belated birthday celebration.

My cousin Tina and her family invited us over. We were having such a good time that I didn’t take many pictures. We feasted and had an opportunity to play a competitive game of Scattegories. A.J. even entertained us with several drum performances!

Although Tina’s husband and my husband were present, they were in the living room talking men talk. What a grand time we had! By the way, do you like my Thanksgiving sticker at the top of this blog post? I learned how to make it from The Mother Huddle.

Pray, Persist and Prosper!

A.J. Turns 15-Months Old

The time is moving quickly. A.J. is transforming in front of my eyes. I can’t believe that my son is already 15-months.

Pray, Persist and Prosper!

First Course of Kindermusik Comes to a Close

Today was the last day of A.J.’s first Kindermusik course. A.J. and I attended all 10 sessions. DH did attend the last session to observe what we did each Saturday morning for the past 10 weeks.

We play the CD that accompanied the class everyday. A.J. loves it and asks for the CD to be played CONSTANTLY. I hear the songs in my sleep!

To honor the end of the  course, I made placemats for all the moms and made a special card for the teacher. The placemats had a picture of each mom with their little one along with numbers and shapes.

When I made the placemats, I didn’t have any good pictures of me with A.J. in class, so I used a picture of our family at Pettit Creek Farms. I meant to take pictures of all of the placemats, but I forgot. Since I created one for A.J., I can show you that one.

Just in case you can not read the words at the top, it says: God is Love. I Love my Mommy and Daddy.

Kindermusik Class November 2011

We are looking forward to the next session, which starts in January!

What enrichment activities does your child(ren) enjoy?

Pray, Persist and Prosper!

The Amazing Tracker

We bought a new toy for A.J. called the Amazing Tracker. It’s beautifully crafted, age appropriate, and fun for A.J. and other kids to play with. He drags it to different spots in the living room and kitchen and has already figured out how to stop the balls as they speed down the ramps. This makes him laugh and helps him with his ability to anticipate. Watch how it works.

What toys delight your little one(s)?

Pray, Persist and Prosper!