Noah’s Ark Adventure

Last week we ventured to Noah’s Ark, an animal sanctuary that’s home to over 1,000 animals. Our double stroller came in handy as I strolled A.J. and Amira around the sprawling park. A.J. got out when he wanted so that he could see the animals up close.

This was our second visit and Amira’s first. I was with my good friend Harolyn and her family the first time we went. I didn’t know about this sanctuary until she told me about it.

On this visit, we were able to see all types of birds, peacocks, emus, bison, tigers, bears, ducks, turtles, and snakes. We had such a good time. I look forward to our next visit. Next time, we will go earlier in the morning so that we can eat lunch at the picnic tables.Noahsark Noahsark2They even had a nice play area!
Noahsark3Where did you go for your latest adventure?




One response to “Noah’s Ark Adventure

  1. Wow, looks like an educational and fun activity. It’s great to see the animals from so many books in real life. I am disappointed I was unable to attend, but hopefully I will be able to join the family next time!

    Thanks for the great report!

    -Patrick Hadley (DH)

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