Q-tip Fine Motor Activity

q-tip fine motor skillsThis q-tip table top activity helps with developing fine motor skills. It’s one of those DIY projects that requires very little. All you need is a box, q-tips and decorations of your choice.

I have plenty under the sea foam stickers so I decided to use some of them. I also cut the q-tips in half so I could have more by using less.

Precious Snap shots


I had to share these precious snap shots that I took of A.J. and Amira. These are moments that I want to remember and preserve. The days turn into nights and back into days so quickly that if you don’t capture the moment, they fade into oblivion.

We were headed to church when either DH or I snapped a photo of Amira in her pretty purple outfit. The other photos were taken this past Saturday morning (I believe). Amira will be 6 months-old this month and already enjoys playing with her brother. She’d better get ready because her big brother loves to play, too!

Pray, Persist & Prosper!



2 responses to “Q-tip Fine Motor Activity

  1. Hi Asia and Patrick, These pictures are simply adorable. Maybe sometime in the near future I can come to Atlanta and get to visit you and family.

    Agnes Thomas agnes925@aol.com

    • Asia @ Beacon Villages

      We would love for you to visit Ms. Thomas. I’m so glad that you are saavy with the internet so that you can follow my blog and keep up with what’s happening with the little ones.

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