Practicing Transferring Skills & Puzzles

In the spirit of the Holiday Season I bought A.J. a small selection of Christmas ornaments in the form of presents and small drums, I also included colorful pom poms for sensory awareness and for practicing transferring skills. I introduce a child sized ladle, but he was not quite ready for that so instead he transferred the items with his hands.

Yesterday was special because A.J. turned 16 months-old. Sadly, also on this day my 95 year-old grandmother made her transition. She had a peaceful journey and was surrounded by loving family members. My mother commissioned me to create a photo book about my grandmother’s life. It should arrive in the mail today. Although she didn’t have a chance to see it here, I’m sure she sees it now. Hopefully it turns out as wonderfully as it looked online.

I was pregnant with A.J. at my book signing. My husband, parents and sister and I are pictured with my Grandmother, Luvennia (MaDea) Robertson

After A.j. completed the puzzle, he applauded himself. LOL!

What activities are engaging to your little one?

Stay tuned for next post: The Start of Imaginative Play

Pray, Persist & Prosper!

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